free Grocery Delivery
in 15 minutes
15 minutes to deliver even one item
No subscription
No delivery fees
wide variety of products at retail prices
Beyond Burger Meat
Vita Coco
Dairyland 2% Milk 1L
Barilla Pasta
Elbows Gluten Free
Olympic Organic
3.5% Plain Yogurt
Zevia Grape,
6 Pack
Tiggy is the app that allows you to grocery shop without going to the store!
It’s easy
It’s fast and free
It’s convenient
The way our storage facilities are located allows us to get you everything you need in 15 min or less. And we don’t charge any additional fees for the delivery — it’s on us!
Tiggy is operating without any subscription. We can bring you even one bottle of water with no charge. We’re constantly expanding our delivery zones in Vancouver and Toronto and are open from 8 am — 11 pm every day.
How it works
See what others think of Tiggy and try the app yourself — available for iOS & Android.
«Tiggy takes an approach that provides faster delivery at no minimum charge or additional cost. Bisovka said TechCrunch will differentiate the company from competitors who have longer delivery times and associated charges.»
«It’s a new way of shopping for groceries online. Instead of going to a store you just open the app, place an order and it gets delivered in 15 minutes and it’s super easy to use compared to most of the experience customers get with other services.»
«Grocery delivery startup Tiggy is a new player in the Canadian quick commerce space, announcing Friday $6.35 million in seed funding to get its dark stores upand-running to accommodate 15-minute deliveries.»
delivery areas
We're constantly adding new areas to our delivery zone!
Check the Tiggy app to see if we're already in your neighborhood
with tiggy
you can
Get something you urgently need in just 15 minutes, even if it is one item only
Order everyday essentials or something to cheer yourself (or your loved ones) up
Protect yourself (and your loved ones) from exposure to the crowded places
come work
with us
Flexible range of employment opportunities from in-store customer shopping assistance to remote delivery
No working solo, you will be supported
by the strong team
Full-time employment and guaranteed income even if there are no orders
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