Orders placed from now on till May 1st will qualify for Tiggy branded swag
Place your order as usual
step 1:
step 2:
Once you reach 5 orders, message us with a screenshot of 5 orders placed from March 1st until May 1st and we will add a gift item to your next order
Here is how to get
Your Tiggy MERCH
5 orders
15 orders
10 orders

we’ve got for you
Place 5 orders, send the proof, and get the tote bag with your 6th order!
Look at you! If you get 5 more orders on your 16th order you will receive a water bottle
Get 5 more orders from Tiggy, send us a message, and we will deliver an umbrella with your 11th order!
Toronto: only tote bags are available.
Here is what

how it looks like
and this is