free Grocery Delivery
in 15 minutes
Wide selection of fresh products
No subscription
No delivery fees
Thousands of products
at retail prices
Beyond Burger
Avocado Hass, 1 piece
Bananas, 3 pieces
Avalon Organic
Milk 2% 1L
Organic Rabbit
River Eggs Medium
Buck Strawberry
Sass Ice Cream
Friskies Cat Food Salmon
Udi’s Plain Bagels
Gluten Free
Method All-Purpose
Spray Lime
& Sea Salt
Rapid tests
Cesar Chicken
& Liver
with tiggy
you can
Forget about unnecessary communication, surprise substitutes, and cancellations when it comes to delivery.
Get your rapid COVID test kit in 15 minutes without leaving your house. We got your back!
Stop bulk buying, wasting food, and carrying heavy bags. Shop with us to avoid crowded stores, jammed parking lots, and long lineups.
Simply get last-minute items with no commissions or pop-up fees when you are out of something while cooking meals or hosting guests - all delivered in minutes.
Always have fresh goods and be confident in the quality of a product. If something is not right, missing, or damaged, please let us know. We will send you a replacement for free or simply refund you.
Support local brands and suppliers. As a Canada-based company, we aim to empower local businesses, and you can do the same: check what we’ve got in the app.
Browse, choose, and get your groceries delivered by our awesome crew straight to you!
It’s easy
It’s fast and free
It’s convenient
No more monthly subscriptions and hidden fees. We deliver everything to your doorstep within minutes! Delivery is free? Yeah, we’ve got that.
Tiggy’s app is exceptionally easy to use with groceries and more at your fingertips. We’re constantly expanding our delivery zones. And don’t worry - if we’re not in your neighborhood you can bet, we’ll be there soon!
How it works
It’s Sustainable
Getting your groceries delivered by e-bikes helps reduce traffic and emissions. We care about our community!
See what others think of Tiggy and try the app yourself — available on iOS & Android.
"I celebrate Tiggy’s commitment to supporting Canadian merchants, enhancing customer experience, and protecting our most vulnerable communities, as we work to restart and rebuild the economy in the Toronto Region." – Mayor John Tory
"It’s a new way of shopping for groceries online. Instead of going to a store you just open the app, place an order and it gets delivered in 15 minutes and it’s super easy to use compared to most of the experience customers get with other services."
"Tiggy is taking the approach of offering a faster delivery, with no minimum charge or no extra cost, which Bisovka told TechCrunch differentiates the company from its competitors that have longer delivery times and associated fees."
delivery areas
We're constantly adding new areas to our delivery zone!
Check the Tiggy app to see if we're already in your neighborhood
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